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Why call our Navigator?

Our Navigator Will:

  1. Add to your understanding of your medical condition and the medical terms that you may not know.

  2. Help empower you in making health decisions involving your new or changing health condition. We assist you in all the necessary steps at just the right time, when you need to conserve your strength.

  3. Review and explain your current and potential treatment options so your stress and any confusion will be reduced.

  4. Attend your doctor appointments, therapy, any treatment or testing session or make hospital visit(s) to you.

  5. Assist you in finding a physician for a second opinion.

  6. Review and answer your questions about your medications: Side effects, purpose, interactions and schedule for your medications will be clarified We support you so your tasks will minimize and your safety increased.

  7. Offer alternative pain management choices that suit you, and improve your comfort.

  8. Coordinate your care with all your healthcare team members.

  9. Assist you in making you more safe at home. Or help you in a realistic appraisal regarding relocation in an appropriate environment.

  10. Do the footwork and research to assist you in selecting the appropriate facility for your care.

  11. Partner with you when your family member has other obligations or lives a long distance from you (even out of State).

  12. Assist you in addressing health bills or unresolved health issues to reduce your stress and possibly save you money.

  13. Provide “Shared Decision Making” when your family disagrees with your health plans. We will diplomatically guide your family while keeping you our main focus.

Don't see your concern listed above?
Please give our navigator a call at (727) 359-3955.

Our Manager has extensive experience overseeing the “quality of living” in nursing homes, assisted living, residential care and rehabilitation centers.

Disclaimer: Though we offer the above services and commit to compassionately support you, the Navigators are not physicians and do not write orders.